Safety and quality in
the transport of art works.

ArtQuality Chenue do Brasil is a logistics company operating in the transport of art works in Brazil and abroad, headquartered in São Paulo.

Since 2007, it has been offering a high level service, which was developed over years of experience working with the most important museums and producers in the visual arts industry in Brazil and abroad.

Customized services, offering a range of solutions that include packaging and transport, handling, installation, and storage, always taking into account the quality-value ratio. Climate-controlled warehouse, custom boxes or shared space are found in our headquarters in São Paulo for the storage of you objects, always ensuring safety.

In 2015, we joined forces with Chenue, a company specialized in logistics and conservation of art works, a traditional partner of professionals in the industry of museums and arts, Chenue is recognized for its logistics excellence in art works worldwide.

How does art logistics work?

Satellite-monitored vehicles.

Art work logistics involves much more than collection/return locations and the respective transport mean. It involves cross-functional tasks, such as technical and dimensional inspection, project elaboration, confection of packages and guards for the works, handling and movement, a specialized team, adjustment of equipment, special materials and vehicles; supervision activities; national/international documents; road, air, and sea shipment; organization and control.

The company’s fleet is comprised of climate-controlled vehicles with polyurethane coating, pneumatic suspension, platform, run flat inserts; besides being monitored by satellite.

Packaging in the transport of art works.

A rigorous assessment of risks.

Packaging and transport of art works necessarily includes the prevention of a number of risks – handling, packaging, unpacking, transport and climate changes – which varies when compared to the conservation state of the work or of its current storage location.

The knowledge of the conservation conditions of the works and the rigorous risk assessment are a critical part of an exhibition logistics.

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